I have been hearing this Covid-19 – 5G misinformation all week now. I wrote this as it appears to be “spreading” exponentially. It was a “rant” at one of my WhatsApp fora with some “Pastors” in it. Here was the essence of my rant ….

This 5G-corona virus is beyond conspiratorial nonsense which is typically benign, arguably like birds start falling from the skies because of mobile/cellular masts. This sort of 5G-corona nonsense is positively dangerous. I say this as I have heard on social media fora and elsewhere so-called Pastors and “experts” stand up and assert a proven biological virus a “hoax” and blame it on 5G airwaves radiation. And tell their congregations to act as business as normal and not to use modern phones. What quackery!!! Then the congregation infect one another and some – typically the older or sicker ones die. The key epicentre of the corona virus in South Korea is a church. The pastor has since apologised on his knees in South Korea.

These pastors, “experts” and others do not even know that we are reusing some of the same old frequencies we have been using for mobile communications for the past 20 years for the new 5G technologies – without their complaining. That is the frequencies that radio techniques use today like 2G voice, 3G and 4G LTE for data, that Verizon, AT&T, MTN, Vodafone, etc. use, are being reused too for newer 5G technologies.

5G is just newer and more efficient set of radio techniques, just like 4G was newer/more efficient than 3G, etc.

Like newer more efficient airplanes such as Airbus 350-900 or the Boeing 787-9 are more efficient than the old DC-10s now all phased out.

Guess what – these new efficient planes all use (or land on) the same runways – my equivalent of new radio technologies like 4G and 5G reusing the same old frequencies like 1800MHz, 3500MHz, etc, i.e. the same old runways. Yes some other frequencies are envisaged for 5G too like 26GHz, 40GHz, etc. – but these are hardly being used today.

Why would newer planes using the same old reliable runways be a problem? Just like why would new radio techniques using the same old frequencies then be a problem today? The runways are the same. The new planes are more efficient. The frequencies are the same. The new radio techniques are more efficient.

There is nothing unique about 5G to be dangerous to humans any more than 4G or 3G. And ICNIRP levels are always well regulated. Forget I wrote this.

Anybody linking a proven biological virus to radio frequency communications – should be completely ignored.

What bothers me more are the Pastors who stand in front of thousands of congregants and hundreds of thousands of live TV viewers and spew this. Or via their allegedly heavily listened too or watched “God-ordained” broadcasts and/or podcasts.

Churches have been liberalised in most countries – and many quack churches and pastors have emerged over the past 20 years. They need to be regulated and most shut down.

My own brother recently reminded me that he has been working with 5G equipment and devices for the past 5 years and more – well before covid-19. [Covid-19 denotes a class of corona virus discovered in 2019]. He also notes correctly that 5G is sometimes just a software upgrade on extant 4G equipment. Same equipment – software upgrade, and then it becomes an issue? Birds start falling from the skies? Mobile masts with the same equipment as before the software upgrade suddenly start creating biological human pandemic? So your laptop computer suddenly becomes a biological virus danger to you (and flies dropping from the ceilings) because its software is upgraded? My brother and his dozens of fellow engineers also never caught covid-19 in 2015, nor in 2016, nor in 2017, nor in 2018, nor in 2019 when covid-19 broke out. Then quacks believe it is a problem in 2020. I am also equally perturbed by so called experts (who claim to have worked for mobile companies) and or engineers peddling much nonsense too about 5G!

If there is one silver lining I am seeing so far – experts and expertise are on their way back to being respected.

President Trump had to back down recently to expertise of Drs Tony Fauci and Deborah Birx and agree to effectively closing down the USA for the full month of April 2020. Not trust his “instincts” or “guts”.

Boris Johnson succeeded in taking the UK out of the EU 28 based on similar quackery – his key minister Michael Gove MP said “people in this country have had enough of experts” during the Brexit debates.

Now they have both succumbed to experts on the covid-19 virus following their advice at every turn (since U.K. citizens are dying alarmingly) with Boris Johnson himself literally falling sick to the virus.

Let’s hear less from quacks for a change. Ignore quackery! Embrace expertise.

Jeff Rich is credited with this brainy quote: “if you think education is expensive, try ignorance”. I never fully appreciated it. In this case, these “experts” and/or pastors’ ignorance kill – literally – when they congregate innocent people with covid-19 sick or asymptomatics amongst them.

I hope there is a world-wide legacy after the covid-19 crisis is over in a post 2020 covid-19 era: that of re-embracing experts and expertise.

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