As the communications sector continues to grow and diversify, regulators have been tasked with ensuring that operators comply with a complex set of laws and regulations.

The regulatory environment is changing rapidly, which means that regulators need to adapt in order to keep pace. Our Regulatory Master Class provides delegates with an understanding of how regulation works in practice so they can ensure compliance and protect their business interests.

We offer training for professionals who want to learn more about the key principles of telecommunications regulation – from the history of telecoms regulation through to current hot topics like net neutrality, data protection and cyber-security.

This course is run by our expert instructors who are all experienced industry insiders as well as academics at top universities around Europe.

The next Cenerva Regulatory TRMC starts in July. To provide an insight into what the webinar will cover, and give those unable to attend the opportunity to experience it too, we have hosted a recent webinar as an informative taster session and which provided a special insight into what makes this course so unique.

We had a Q&A session at the end of our webinar where participants could ask questions about specific aspects of the course including syllabus and learning outcomes. the learning objectives, the course structure and content.

Here is the webinar recording so you can catch up if you couldn’t make it!

To discuss any aspect of this, or any other Cenerva course, please contact

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